Writing, writing, and more writing

I don’t know what’s up lately, but I have this story which has been floating around my head for a couple months now and I think I need to write it if I’m ever to get rid of it. The problem? I’m afraid. Writing a blog, or an e-mail, or a tweet, or a post on FB is one thing, but to write an entire story?! What am I thinking? Am I thinking?

I KNOW I will have plenty of nay-sayers, but I also know I’ll have those who will encourage me and give me feedback-honestly. It is just getting that first sentence down, which I’ve already done on a writer/book webpage I frequent. I didn’t ‘win’ for best first line, but I was in the top 10, which encourages me like nothing else. When I saw the line I wrote up there, I got this thrill like nothing I’ve ever felt before. It was if the God/esses were giving me a sign, telling me to go for it! Throw away my fears. If it were just that easy.

I’ve always been encouraged to write, unbelievably, by many people I respect, I’ve just never really done it. If anything I’ve run as far away from writing as is possible. I stayed away for any sort of writing class when I was in high school, and during college courses, I only took the writing classes I HAD to take, and I did well in them once I wrote my way instead of writing the way I was being taught. It was a very hard lesson to learn and also an unexpected one to myself and my professor. But once we figured it out, I soared through the class. But the question now is, can I soar through the thoughts, the story in my head and make it into something others would enjoy reading? Can I make people FEEL what I’m trying to convey in words? Guess I’ll never know til I try. This is basically my own introduction and kick in the pants to “JUST DO IT” already! So, if you don’t see me around for a while, it’s because I’m going to be writing. Wish me luck!


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