I’ve spent part of the last couple of days with a very good friend, one I haven’t seen or talked to in too long. So you ask, "how can she be that good of a friend if you haven’t seen or spoken to her in that long?" Good question. Let me try to explain it.

First of all, I don’t have to see or speak to the people I care about on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to care about them. Nor do I need to see them. To be friends doesn’t mean sitting on top of each other, but it does mean caring for the other person….and care I can do!

Secondly, stupid me lost her phone number. I had a phone number written down in my address book and in my stolen phone, but it had been disconnected. I knew she had given me her cell number, but I didn’t add it to my phone when she did, I kept it, next to me, on my table. Luckily that’s just where I found it too! And because of that, I was able to call her before Christmas. Even luckier for me, she talked to me. Needless to say, we had a lot to catch up on, and then some.

Thirdly, after being with her the past couple of days I’ve realized just how bloody much I’ve missed her. I missed hearing her laugh and just talking to her. I’ve realized how much I need her to be present, on a regular basis, no matter how far apart we live, in my life.

But by far the most important thing I’ve learned is that she still cares about me and what’s going on in my life. I know I didn’t talk very much while we were together, but I’ll make it up to her…I PROMISE! I know why I didn’t talk much and why I haven’t called her or written her..I’ve changed, a lot. These past few years have changed me in ways I hadn’t even seen, until I looked at myself through her eyes. I’m not sure I like myself very much as the person I am, and I think I was afraid she wouldn’t like the me I am now either. But real honest to goodness friends, like you pretty much no matter what. Maybe being around her, talking to her will help some of the old me come back out. Or maybe it won’t, but I know to her it doesn’t matter…she’ll figure out how to get through to this new me and make me even better than I am or thought I could be. Because that’s what real friends do, they bring out the best in you. Whether you talk to them or see them everyday, or whether it’s once a month or even once a year. Heck, I even have one best friend I’ve never been on the same room with physically, but it doesn’t matter. Because she makes me a better person also. But this blog isn’t about her, it’s about another friend, a very special friend, a friend that I’ll have for life and beyond.

Thank you, my friend, and thank you God for bringing her back into my life.


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