Tonight I went to the pizza place for a sandwich. When I went in I was on my phone. I THOUGHT I threw it in my purse when I was getting my money out…but alas, it wasn’t so. After searching like crazy at home for it I went back to the pizza place. they hadn’t seen it either. I went BACK home, seasrched somemore, nothing. Finally we decided to call it and see if I could locate it that way. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm weird, it went straight to voicemail. My phone doesn’t go straight to voicemail unless it is turned off and my phone is very seldom "turned off"! Went back to pizza place, nope, they still hadn’t seen it. Asked the kids there to call it since when I call from hubby’s phone it says "hubby’s phone", figured if someone else had it they sure as heck wouldn’t answer it if that came up. No luck though, even the kids at the pizza place got a recording. I just got that phone this past Monday!! Some punk of a kid came into the pizza place, saw my phone and nicked it. But that’s ok, since I have ALL my paperwork for it, it’s now shut off and not just any SIM card will work in it….hahaha. I also got insurance, thank goodness!! I’m notorious for losing things, I should say "misplacing", because I always find them, but this time I just know it was stolen. It will NEVER happen again, believe me!

The worst part of the entire ordeal is not only have I lost my phone, but I"ve lost all the names, numbers, e-mail addresses and pictures I had on it. I can get all the pictures back, except for the last 4 I took today of my grandson, Craig Stephen, making Christmas cookies for the very first time. Also, it’s going to be such a pain in my arse to add ALL that info into another phone. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Needless to say, I am NOT a happy camper tonight!!


One response to “Thiefs!!!

  1. wow, THAT REALY SUCKS!!!!!!! AND the worst part, since u have de papers, is losing the pics of the first cookies craig made

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