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Craig Stephen and the snake!

Craig Stephen and I were walking Saturday afternoon and as he was crunching the leaves that have already fallen, he saw the SNAKE! And nothing would do but that he pick it up and bring it home. He had to show it off to everyone, Dadda, Uncle Bradley, the neighbors! He was going to keep it in his wagon to show his mommy, but changed his mind (Sheree said, "THANK GOODNESS!").
He is such a lovely joy to have in all of our lives! Even though his favorite word right now is "why?" and we hear it maybe 100 times a day. I never get tired of him asking questions because that just shows how smart he is! And his imagination is also growing leaps and bounds lately. He’s beginning to tell stories, real ones with a beginning, a middle and an ending. He talks about his baby brother (all he does is pee, poop and throw up, and sometimes he cries). He’s almost too big for hugs and kisses, at least that is what he tells us half the time. He has no fear, but is full of curiosity.
This weekend was also our town’s Fall Fest. OMG! He LOVED the rides! He’d ride the little kids ride and then he’d go and ride the rides for the bigger kids and he loved them all! There was only one ride he didn’t ride-it went upside down. We used to call it the BULLET, but this company called it the LOOP. He really wanted to ride, but he would of had to ride with me! He stood there and watched it going upside down and everything and he wanted me to buy my tickets to ride with him. So on our way to the ticket booth I was asking him if he wasn’t maybe afraid and he stopped walking (he was in front of me), turned around and said, "I’m not afraid! Are YOU afraid?" Little smarty pants! Luckily, I got him occupied with something else and I never got put to the test about just how nervous I really was about riding a ride I hadn’t been on in probably 20 years!!!
Anyway, here are some videos of him and Oliver from the fest and Craig Stephen and his snake!!!