Craig Stephen playing baseball


Pappaw’s helpers

What is it about little boys and lawn mowers? These 2 little ones have loved riding since they’ve heard Curtis start it up! And of course he takes them and they just think it is AWESOME!!!!! Here are some pics of the 3 of them from today. Enjoy, Amy


To Whom it may concern,
  Another cat has passed away at my mothers house in Fla. Complications to a crystalized bladder caused the demise of Bubba. Despite all efforts (and I do mean all efforts) to bring this cat back from the brink of death… he passed away at aprox. 12:00pm Aug 2, 2008. 5 days after taking him in for treatment. The battle was long and he was a fighter.
  He will be remembered for his dedication to kitty like conduct and the comfort he brought to everyone around him. His commitment for keeping geckos out of the house was one of his passions. But his abilities to be a true friend when someone needed him was his gift.
   I believe I’ve found a poem that seems to describe him and what he meant to us. No words can really tell you what it means to have a true friend. Which he was, and always will be.
   Bubba, you’re one of a kind! May you rest in peace.
Ode to My Cat
By ESR, age 14, Pennsylvania
My cat is a mystery that intrigues my mind.
He’s sometimes aloof, but never unkind.
He’ll roll on the floor in a great ball of fur,
Then bathe all his bits while he preens and he purrs.
Sometimes, when he plays, I know just what he thinks. 
He’s king of the jungle and he stalks those that drink
From the watering hole on the African plain. 
He wags his long tail and shakes his great mane,
Then leaps at my ankles to take down his prey.
His next favorite thing is a spot in the sun.
He curls up and he sleeps
Too tired to run
After antelopes, wildebeests, geckos and more.
He yawns, turns three times and lies down on the floor.
My king of all cats, too small to be great,
Has big eyes that see through me and all I create. 
Nothing can escape him, no sigh, no sad look. 
My cat knows my mind like he’s reading a book.
If I’m feeling sad, just the smallest bit blue,
He jumps on my lap, spins a circle or two,
Kneads his paws, blinks his eyes and before he is through,
That magical purr, music to my ears,
Wafts in the air and then disappears.
His purr, what a sound, it’s delicious to me,
Inspiring, soothing, calming as can be.
It’s no simple thing to elicit that purr,
It’s a gift all wrapped up in grey and white fur.
My cat is a marvel, a joy, and a wonder,
I look at his face and sometimes I just ponder,
Each hair and each whisker, the shape of each ear.
I’m lucky to know him.  I’m so glad he was here.
Bubba Williams, Born July 4, 2003 – Died Aug 2, 2008
One of the best friends a person could ever have. You will most deffinately be missed.
Pics attached of Bubba with his brother Fuzzy (same litter) who died about a year earlier of unknown causes. They will be burried side by side.
Whoever said: It’s better to have loved and lost  than never to have loved at all. Is so right!
                     Respectfully, Chris