Yep, it’s February, again and I’m all BLAHed out. I can think of only 4 good things that have ever happened in this month; Feb 14, 1985 we moved into our house…with all it’s headaches and "joy of home-ownership" trials and tribulations: Feb of 1961 my sister Catherine was born…I still haven’t decided if this was a good thing or bad thing though: Feb 1970 my baby brother, Joseph was born, again, not sure if this was a good thing or bad thing (just kidding you 2, you know I love you!): Feb 2, 2002 my beautiful granddaughter, Chloe Morgan Anderson was born. This was and always will be a wonderous day for all of us who love her.
So, what good is this month? Heck, if the people I love and care about the most weren’t born in Feb they would have been born in a different month and even March is better than Feb! For a "short" month it sure is too long for me! I HATE the cold, I HATE the darkness, yes, I even HATE snow!!!! I have been reading a lot lately, so I guess that is one good thing, but it is the ONLY good thing.
And what the hell is "Valentine’s Day" suppose to mean to those of us that have been married for more than 5 or even 10 years? What a joke! My loving husband bought me a card and a $1 package of candy. Granted, he did get the candy I like, but it’s suppose to be a day of love and I guess that since he actually did remember what candy I’ve been snacking on for the last 14 months, he does love me. Either that or he was afraid that if he screwed this up we would be visiting Bruce (our attorney). Because it IS February and he knows by now that very little is "right" in my world, read BRAIN, during this month, he also knows anything is likely to happen…or not as the case my be. I guess he’s lucky I don’t drink since during this month I’d be finding my way to the bottoms of many bottles and not really caring if I found my way back out.
So, I ask again, what the hell good is this month?????? Comments anyone??