HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2007 everyone!!!!
We had a wonderful day, cold, but the weather outside didn’t matter to many of us, mostly just Curtis since he was the one coming in and out checking on the turkey (he smoked it of course). We had 13 people here to help celebrate the day. The only one missing was Craig Stephen since he spent the holiday with his mother this year.
We had plenty of food to go around and not that many leftovers….well there were enough leftovers enough that everyone got some to take home with them! We had all the usual Thanksgiving day fare; turkey, two different types of dressing-plain for those that don’t care for onions and a pepperoni dressing which I got from Rachael Ray’s shows; sweet potatoes for the boys mostly since Curtis and I don’t eat them; green bean casserole per Bradley’s request; 3 pies, two pumpkin and 1 peacan, thanks to Joy and an orange bundt cake thanks to a friend that works for the town; and last but not least, 10 pounds of mashed potatoes and gravy! Needless to say, no ne left hungry after all that food!
But even better than all the food that was consumed today were the people that spent the day with us,. Joe, Alex and Andrew drove up from Tn to spend the day with us, Monte and Joy, both whom always add lots of laughter to our day, my in-laws, Barb and Ollie…always ready for a wonderful day of chatting and sharing stories, Audrey, Calvin and Oliver were here to eat, for the second time today! It was also Oliver’s first Thanksgiving!! Always a special treat. Bradley and Craig, both of whom special thanks were adding by all just that they "were" here.
I don’t know how everyone else felt as they left our house today, but I hope that this is a day that won’t soon be forgotten by any. I know this Thanksgiving was one of my own personal favorites just because I have so many things to be thankful this year.
I am writing all this as my dishes are being washed and everyone else is in bed, hopefully having sweet dreams.
I hope your day was as full of love and laughter as mine was. Once again, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all.