I don’t who might remember Susan from the MBOL, but she wrote a book a couple years ago called, "NOT TONIGHT, HONEY" wait til I’m a size 6 and I have FINALLY gotten the chance to read the entire book, cover to cover. Laughed my ass off too, let me tell you this is one VERY funny lady!!

Anyway, she has a brand new book out now, titled, "Don’t Sleep With a Bubba: Unless your Eggs Are In Wheelchairs". Somehow I have a feeling this book is even funnier than the first!

The first book covered everything from how to drug your hubby so you can get/do what you want, boob jobs, parents overly concerned with death (their own) and funerals (Yes, she’s southern!), to how often you should have sex with your signifigant other (months that end in "R" are a good rule of thumb), to breast feeding and boob jobs.

Here is a link to her webpage AND one chapter from the new book, there’s one there from the first book also in case you might be interested.

Ya’ll Susan is a WONDERFUL writer and I do believe that most everyone here would enjoy her books greatly since they’ve already read JCB’s. Susan’s a bit like JCB’s, but they are different too, meaning she isn’t a copycat or a JCB wannabe. She is her very own, smart, sassy, funny, touching storyteller, which as we all know is the BEST kind of storyteller to be.