A little bit me, a little bit you.

Hello again! It’s been a while, but it’s not because of anything other than me being so depressed over witer. OK, I’ll be honest here, I’ve been depressed since Oct of 2003. That was when my life as I knew it changed for good. That was when my hubby had his heart attack. No, it wasn’t fatal, thank goodness, but it has changed my life just as much if not more than his!
You can find page upon page upon page of how a heart attack can change a persons’ life. if you are the one that suffered. But, look for any
sort  of Support Group for loved ones, and there are slim pickins, let me tell you!
My misery began when I became afraid to go to sleep while he was sleeping. I was afraid something would happen while he was sleeping and I wouldn’t know anything. So, my body says "stay awake". Which isn’t terrible, but I was wearing myslef down trying to everything around the house, doing all the bills, taking care of drs’ appts, you name it, I was doing it. I was exhausted!!
Then, a year later my daughter was in a terrible car accident. We honestly thought she was going to die. The drs told us that the surgery probably wouldn’t help her and she would more than likely die on the table. She was 23 at the time. Thankfully, fighter that she is,she survived with very few scars to show for her ordeal. Most people don’t even see the limp she was left with. And she has also given birth to her Miracle Baby, Oliver. But druring her time in the hospital I was there every night. She left the hospital and came home, here, to live with me. So, then I had to worry that she would need something and if I slept I wouldn’t hear her.
Is it any wonder I am totally and completely CRAZY?