Happy 2007 everyone!!

Ah yes, a new year, a new beginning! WRONG! I began this year as I have so many in the past…screwing up.
The other day I was watching Rachel Ray, (I know, why?) and she made this great mac and cheese with sausage. I thought, "Hmm sausage, we need pork of some sort for New Year’s Day. This looks easy enough and really good, I think I’ll make this."
As with MOST of my cooking stories, this too turned out to be a disaster. No, I didn’t burn it. Although had it been burnt at least no one could have complained of the lack of taste. No, no I forgot an entire ingriedient. Yep, I forgot to add the milk. So we had mac and cheese but the cheese was VERY heavy and just sort of sat there. To top it all off, I didn’t just follow the recipe that serves 6, oh no, I had to make sure I had plenty of this wonderful recipe and so I DOUBLED it! Yep, I have a huge roasting pan full of mac and cheese without milk, just sitting there. Lovely.
And no, I wasn’t hungover or drunk when I was cooking, but from now on maybe if I drink while cooking the food would only be better. It sure can’t get much worse than this!!!