A wild and Wonderful week

         I know it’s been a while since I"ve updated here, but I’ve been busy! OMG have I ever been busy! I can’t decide if I’ve just been working too much or having too much fun…either way, I really have been busy!
First of all let me tell you about the EXTREME MAKEOVER-HOME EDITION taping that took place close to here last week….it was AWESOME! Not only did I get to meet Ty, I also met Eduordo (cutey), Paul (what a doll), Johnny (the Philly Guy), and too many crew members to name…actually, they would probably prefer NOT to be named! (Hey Joe, HELLO!) And I hope you all notice that I know the correct name of the show! For those of you that tend to call it "EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER" well, they do not like that one little bit! They will even change your signs if you put up welcoming signs that say that.
It was a long week, but they got the job done and the house is absolutely beautiful. It was great being there and seeing all the stages. Now I can’t wait to see the inside. I actually volunteered and went over and walked for Relay for Life. I’m telling you now, if they ever come to your area, please, go out and volunteer, you will feel so good about yourself. It does change how you watch the show because you will actually be able to see everything, day by day. But that isn’t a bad thing, it’s just different.
Inbetween going down and volunteering I’ve been trying to clean my house. I’ve fogotten how hard this can be with small children around. OH MY, I’ve been reminded in spades this past week! I’ve been cleaning at night, my favorite time to clean, but sheesh! It seems like everytime I go to bed at night with things cleaned or straightened up I awake to find another mess someplace else.
Tonight Audrey and I went to Wal-Mart to get the last few things we need for the shower and for the cookout we are having after the shower. We didn’t get home until almost 11pm, and my day began right around 9am. So, yes, it has been a very long day. I know it will be worth it once my grandmother and aunt get here, but wow will I ever be glad when this is over.
Speaking of showers, doesn’t anyone know what RSVP means anymore? I swear, other than those family members coming from a long distance, I haven’t heard a word from anyone! Now how the heck am I suppose to order a cake? Or tell someone how much food they need to bring? I mean, come on people! Even if you aren’t sure, call and say "Yes, I’ll be there", at least that way your hosts will have plenty of food for everyone even if you don’t show up. Is RSVPing a lost art? Does ANYONE know what it means anymore? I remember being quite young and seeing that on an invitation we got and asking my mother what it meant. She told me it was the polite thing to let your host know how many to expect and you should ALWAYS RSVP to an invitation, and I always have and I’ve taught my own children to do the same. Not being able to get to a phone os a pretty lame excuse these days, everyone (almost) lives with their cell phones to their ears, how hard can it be to call and let someone know whether to expect you or not?
OK my ranting is over. I’ll post pics sometime this weekend of both Audrey’s shower and the pics from Extreme Makeover-Home Edition. See you later!