I just finished listening to THE TRUE AND OUTSTANDING ADVENTURES OF THE HUNT SISTERS by Elisabeth Robinson and I have to tell you, it was OUTSTANDING!
      I’m not really big about "listening" to a book. Heck, I’ve hated being read to since I could read! Reading something by myself was the motivation for learning to read in the first place for me. I remember as early as 1st grade, Miss Aronld’s calls, Grafton-Kennedy Grade School, Dayton, Ohio, reading group and Dick and Jane. I HATED waiting while everyone else took turns reading! No one, and I mean, not a soul, read as fast as I could and I would get so impatient waiting for everyone to read their paragraph or their page. I was so impatient that I would get into trouble for reading/talking too fast! I also got into trouble because I would read ahead of everyone else, then when Miss Arnold (or Mrs Gabbart, Mrs Brennen, Mrs Overocker…you get the picture) would call on me to read, I wouldn’t know where they were because I was so far ahead. I didn’t even want my mother to read to me! (Sorry Mother, but you didn’t read fast enough for me either!) It was like as soon as I realized these letters could be put together to form words and these words could tell me a story, I couldn’t get enough of them. I was like a sponge and they were like water for my soul, they still are. But a couple years ago I decided to give audio books a shot while taking a long trip with my husband. Since then, for every long driving trip I’ve taken, I’ve also gotten an audio book. But this time I wasn’t going anywhere, I got it mostly because I have been driving my son’s car (thanks Craig) and he has a tape player that works.
      This story was so wonderful! I think if I could, or ever did write a book, it would be something like this. The main character, Olivia, writes letters, to everyone! And that’s what this is, a book of letters. But they tell such a wonderful story, you often forget they are letters. Even though there are many people Olivia sends letters, faxes, e-mails, and yes, there is even a Western Union telegram in there, she is the one doing all the talking.
      In one part she is writing to her mother and she tells her she’s sorry she hasn’t written her more letters, since she seems to write to everyone else. She tells her mother that letters are such a nice surprise to pull out of your mailbox, something personal inbetween all the bills and circulars you pull out of your mailbox, a gift from the sender, a part of the sender you can hold on too. And she’s so right, that’s what letters are. In this day and age of e-mails and online blogs, and cell phones, who really writes letters anymore? I know I don’t. But maybe this will change, of course, maybe it won’t either. I’d like to THINK it will, but I’m not very consistant, so don’t anyone hold your breath.
          Listening to this on tape has made me look foward to getting in the car and driving even more than I usually enjoy driving. Of course, no one else wanted to listen to my book, but that’s ok, I just went out in the driveway and sat in the car and listened away without wasting gas! I’ve tried, and failed, in the past to listen to books on tape here at home, it drove me crazy! Maybe there is just something about being in the car that makes it work for me, I don’t know. I do know that a book on tape is something I am going to be getting regularly from the library now. They have the unabridged version of a book I’ve had for over a year now and haven’t read, maybe that will be next? Of course, it is about 48 hours worth of tapes and considering that the longest I’m usually sitting and driving is an hour, it might take a while, but maybe I’ll give it a shot anyway. If nothing else, maybe it will kick-start me into finally reading the book! If I do it, I’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, try this book, either the good old-fashioned way or on tape, I’m sure you will enjoy it too.

A very long week

       I know, I know! I was suppose to catch everyone up last Sun, Monday at the latest about our trip to Dayton. But really, it has been a very long week!
Curtis, my in-laws, and myself left for Dayton around 3pm Friday afternoon. After a stop in Lanesville to pick up the baby (yep, CJ got to go with us!) we were on our way.
We did stop at the outlet mall but only went into the BASS store and Osh Kosh. It was more just a stop to walk around and move for a bit than a shopping trip. We stopped in Richmond, In for dinner, and then on to the hotel.
Since we have stayed in this hotel before we knew what to expect and we weren’t disappointed. We got our suitcases loaded in the room and CJ and I put our bathing suits on and headed to the pool. I had borrowed a bathing suit with built in life preserver from a friend of ours since I knew there really wasn’t a "shallow" end to this pool. It was wonderful! Craig Jr had so much fun and he LOVED the pool and swimming! He would sit/lay on top of my stomach and I would swim on my back. He finally let me just barely hold on while he would "swim like a fish". His little legs would just kick and kick and kick! Needless to say, he slept really well that night!
Saturday it was over to the park for the reunion. There weren’t nearly as many people there this year as have been in past years. It was still a fun time for everyone. I’m glad Curtis decided to go, he almost didn’t. And of course, having there baby there with us made it that much better. I think we finally made it back to our hotel around 9pm that night. We just dropped off my in-laws and Curtis, CJ, and I went to visit Aunt Ruth. She was so happy to finally get to see CJ! And he really took to her too. After a very nice visit with her we headed back to the hotel. There wasn’t any swimming tonight though, the pool was already closed by the time we got back. Yes, it was that late.
On Sunday a large group from the reunion went to breakfast at Rob’s. They have a great breakfast bar with enough food for everyone to get more than full. My sister Toni also joined us for breakfast. She fit right in with the crazy bunch of Conley’s there. Windell also let Toni know that Joe was single and looking for someone! I thought I was going to fall out of my chair when she told me he told her that!
After breakfast we were on the road again, heading home this time. We stopped at the outlet mall again, more for exercise and just moving around than any serious shopping. Of course we didn’t have CJ’s stroller and he was busy flirting and looking at things himself. It was probably just as well we didn’t have time to shop!
We got CJ home about 4pm and then on to Dale we headed. After eating dinner we finally made it home around 7pm! Curtis headed straight to the town hall once we got here and got unloaded. It is a wonder he didn’t have withdrawl while we were gone!
I was sitting around, relaxing, and watching tv, killing time until LIFE ON MARS began at midnight. Well, about 11:45pm Craig Sr realized he HAD to have something that was in his car! So, being the wonderful mother I am, I went to Jasper to get his car. That night the weather was turning wild with wind and lightening and thunder. When I’d left there wasn’t any rain though. Thank goodness it didn’t begin until after I had gotten in his car and started back home. It poured! I couldn’t go any faster than 30mph almost the entire way. Roads were flooded out, I couldn’t see with the rain coming down in sheets. That was some of the hardest rain I’ve ever driven in, ever! I didn’t make it back home til after 1am!!
Monday I went back to the ortho dr to get the results from my 2nd MRI. Of course, my shoulder isn’t healing so I have to have surgery. They wanted to schedule it for the 7th of Sept, but that’s the beginning of the Fall Fest and we are suppose to work Friday and Saturday night in a couple of the booths. I couldn’t turn anyone down, so we are doing the surgery Sept 14th. Thrill, thrill…NOT!
On Tues I went to Owensboro for gas and things. While at the gas station I went to the bathroom before heading home. I walked in, slipped, and yep, you got it, I fell-HARD! My right foot and left knee were in pretty bad shape, but I finally made it back out to the car. I told the people working I’d fallen and they didn’t seem to care so I headed home. My foot was so swollen I was afraid I’d broken something.
On Wed I waited for the manager of the gas station to call me, and when she FINALLY got a hold of me, after 2pm, she filed an accident report. She also gave me the number for their insurance company. I had to go to the chiropractor that day because my body hurt so bad I could barely move. Dr Wittwer said I had pinched a nerve in my back, and I should begin to feel better since my adjustment. I came home and sat in a hot tub for a while and I did feel better! Except my knee is still killing me!
Thurs I did some things for Bill, mostly getting Whitney and helping her take care of her broken down car. I didn’t get home until after 2:30pm! Audrey was with me then. We waited for Hope to get home from school and we headed to Evansville. We went to Target and got her all registered for her baby gift registry. We also ate and went to a few other stores. We didn’t get home til almost 11pm!! Needless to say, it was an early night for me.
Today wasn’t so bad, except that Carrie, Hope, Audrey, and the children from Hell were here almost all day long. Audrey didn’t go home until after 10pm, and now here I am, wide awake and writing here. I hope next week isn’t quite so busy, although I’m sure it will be with the Fest beginning. Oh well, that’s life….When it rains it pours.