Back From Ohio or This week’s Ohio Trip

I have just returned from Mom Sylak’s and the the Sylak Family Reunion. Once again, it was a wonderful time with plenty of laughter and food. This year we were pretty much totally rained out, or should that be "rained in"? Either way there were no boat trips around the lake and no sunshine. Did we let it ruin our day? Of course we didn’t, we are nothing if not resourceful! (I do have pictures that I will download tomorrow.)
There were many that were missed at this year’s reunion, not the least was Aunt Stella. There are only 3 children of Felix and Alexandria Sylak still living; Henry, Jane, and Jenny. Of the 3, only Uncle Henry was there…this year! Next year we will work on Aunt Jane and Aunt Jenny. This is a FAMILY reunion for all the decendants of Felix and Alexandria, not just some of them! For me a perfect reunion would be one where everyone was present. How Judie and Rob would feel about that may be a bit different!! I do believe that if there were a year when EVERYONE was there, it would more than likely be the LAST year they would host!! Heck, if everyone showed up at one reunion, I don’t think anyone would be brave enough to host another one!! But, I could be wrong. I don’t think I am, but I could be. Maybe next year I will ask if we might send out flyers to remind everyone and possibly send an invitation to the Sylak cousin of Uncle Henry, Aunt Jane, and Aunt Jenny. I have an address for them. His name is Charles Sylak and I believe he only has 1 son, so not too many more to invite. Charles’ father was Judgie’s brother, Charles (Americanized version). Charles Sr died quite young, when Charles Jr was about 2 years old. He might enjoy being a part of this craziness we call family. It would also be interesting to hear what stories he knows about the Sylaks in Poland…if he knows anything at all.
Unfortunately for me, this was a short trip. I left home, finally, around 6:30pm on Thurs, Aug 17th and returned home Sunday, Aug 20th around 10pm. The only person that went with me this year was my mother-in-law. Considering she spent her weekend surrounded by Poles, she did pretty well and I do believe she enjoyed herself.
For now it is back to the regular grind. This Friday, Aug 26th I will leave for Dayton, Ohio and the Conley family reunion.

Dog Days of Summer

     It is August 8,2006 and the "dog days of Summer" are FINALLY here! Of course, I have no idea why people call days like yesterday "dog days" unless it is because it is so hot and humid (for most  people) that they don’t want to do anything more than lay around in the coolest spot they can find and drink lots of fluids. For me it is a bit different! I LOVE this weather. I’d be happy if it were like this year round and I never complain about the heat and/or humidity. Instead I spend all day outside soaking up both things.
    I used to hate weather like this. I couldn’t breathe, but now, it is what I think heaven will be. To me hell wouldn’t be someplace hot, but someplace freezing cold. I consider anything below 70 degrees F to be cold though.
     I’ve been babysitting for a good friend of my son Craig the past couple of weeks. I refer to these children as "the children from Hell" because they are so very badly behaved. I know, most of it isn’t their fault, it is their parents faults for not getting a handle on them and their behavior years ago. I am changing all that! I haven’t even complained, too terrily much, since last Thurs though. I am strict with them, but all children needs rules and boundries in my humble opinion. And I do have rules! They aren’t allowed to run or throw things in my house; they aren’t allowed to hit or boss each other; they have to do what I tell them, when I tell them; they MUST take a nap; they must use manners when doing everything, especially eating.
       These children have never been taken care of by anyone other than theor mother, grandmother, or aunts…and none of them make them mind, so they thought they could do and say whatever they felt like here….WRONG! They have no concept of the world being any bigger than their own family cirlce, no idea that there are other "bosses" and that there are plenty of rules out here in the big, bad world that they are going to have to follow or else be in trouble.
      The oldest child, Emily, is getting ready to begin kindergarden in less than a week now. I have to say, I never thought even I could have her anywhere near ready, but she’s getting there and getting there quickly. We have been talking about her teacher and her school, making friends and what is going to be expected of her while she is there. I have my fingers crossed that her crash course takes!
     The middle child, Jazmyn, is 4. I have talked her parents into getting her into a pre-school program. I believe that is something ALL children need. If children are never around other child they lack some very important social skills and it just makes the entire school experience that much worse. Jazmyn is a handful. She is mouthy and loves to talk back. She is getting better than she was, but she still has a way to go also. Jazmyn also doesn’t like to follow anyone’s rules. But plenty of "time-outs" seems to be working, slowly, but surely.
     The youngest is Dylan and he has just turned 2. He is the strangest little child I’ve even met. He doesn’t encourage cuddles and hugs and yet he really isn’t independent either. We are working on the potty training thing with him and while he will sit there and urinate, the poohing is a different matter. He won’t even try to pull his own pants up or down. Most children he’s age are doing both things, or at the very least, trying. My children were experts at removing all of their own clothing at this age!
     I’ve been spending most days outside with them. I’ve found it is easier on my own sanity to keep them outdoors as much as possible. We don’t go far really, just the deck, where I have CJ’s baby pool set up. But they all enjoy the water, and I enjoy the sun, so it works. And my house doesn’t look like a tornado has just blown through either!
     Speaking of CJ, oh my goodness! He is growing by leaps and bounds lately. He isn’t too interested in the potty training thing, although he will tell you after he’s gone pee and today he told his teacher at day care he poohed. It’s a start. He too loves the water and that’s all he wants to do when he’s here too. He has begin diving into the pool. This past Saturday he just dove right in and now that’s all he does!
     We, ok, not "we", but I’ve gotten him into a bad habit. He likes to lay in bed and watch tv when he first goes to bed at night. He will actually climb on the bed and point to the tv until you turn it on. Last week he even brought me the remote so I could turn it on for him! This probably wouldn’t be such a problem, except Craig doesn’t have a tv in his bedroom at home, so there isn’t anything for CJ to watch there. Maybe if Santa can find a cheap little tv for the bedroom he will get that for Christmas.
     Bradley is back driving over the road so we don’t see him much.
     Audrey is getting big, and her hormones are really flying all over the place. She and Calvin have just moved into a new (for them) apartment and I think the stress of moving and being so hot has just gotten to her. She has just begun week 23 with 15 weeks and 3 days until se delivers…unless the baby decides to come earlier. She looks happy and healthy and Calvin is very good with her. I believe he is going to an excellent Dad, which makes me happy. The baby is going to be born, by C-section, November 24, 2006 at 7am. This is the day after Thanksgiving which is an excellent day since most everyone is off work that day, and also because family from out-of-town can be here. We already know Julie is going to be here, and possibly Joe and Allison and the boys will come too.
     I will close by adding Audrey’s latest belly picture, taken this evening. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer, so far!!!