About the books I have listed in my book section

 About few words about the books I have listed here. First of all, I HAVE read every book on this list, except this one listed by Erica Spindler, "COPYCAT". I HAVE read 4 of her previous novels though. I give high marks to them and I am sure COPYCAT will be just as good.
I have just finished reading her "SEE JANE DIE" and have actually locked my door. Not a normal occurance for me! Of course, had I put the book down around midnight instead of just having to finish it tonight, I probably wouldn’t have locked it. But she does these strange things to my mind, making see and hear things that aren’t there any longer. Which is really a GOOD thing!
All of the authors/books I have listed I have personally read and enjoyed. The books cover several genres from murder, cheating husbands, girlfriends, and yes, even a Brown Dog. I hope you will see my list and something will want you to read that book, or at least look into the author and maybe find a different book then one now listed here (there are so many good books all of these authors have written it makes it near impossible to list every single book).
So the next time you go to your favorite bookstore or library, please check some of these authors out, you won’t be disapointed, I promise!

It’s official……

Audrey Rose is having a BOY!!!! A baby boy I lovingly refer to as "SPIKE"  He will be born Nov 24, 2006 by c-section, unless he decides he wants to come earlier!!