A description of Who’s who

It has been brought to my attention that following who’s who in all the pictures isn’t the easiest thing to do. So for everyone’s edification here is a brief rundown on family and friends.
Curtis-My husband, dark hair and glasses
Craig Stephen- my oldest son, a twin to Bradley Michael, CJ’s dad, almost 29, short dark hair, thin, cute
Bradley Michael- my youngest son, a twin to Craig, Chloe’s dad, almost 29, short, dark hair, glasses in most of these pics, thin, and cute
Audrey Rose- my daughter, Her hair is a different color DAILY and a different length almost as often! She’s 25, thin, tiny, cute
CJ- Craig Stephen Jr. my grandson, almost 17 months old, VERY Cute, chubby cheeks, and a ham already!
Chloe Morgan-my granddaughter, Bradley’s daughter, 4 years old, birthday is 02/02/02. Long dark hair, hazel eyes, beautiful girl.
Carrie-my "other" daughter. She and Audrey have been best friends since 3rd grade and Carrie has spent oodles and oodles of time at our house. She is 26, her hair is usually dark brown but she has recently gone blonde (a very CUTE blonde). She’s tall and beautiful. She’s Hope’s mother.
Hope- my spare granddaughter. She’s 8 years old and will be going into 3rd grade in August. She has recently discovered a love of reading that I hope just grows over the years. She’s tall, with light brown hair and blue eyes.
I am adding a group of pictures of my friend’s children. My friend is Marie and she lives in New Zealand with her two beautiful sons, Michael and Rian. They will be the children in the pics titled "New Zealand". They are my "Wee Angels" no matter WHAT their mother says!!
Hopefully I will soon be receiving pictures of my new little niece, Maddox Mae, Maddie for short. Her mother is my sister, Catherine. Maddie was born May 12, 2006. She has an older brother, Dylan, and an older sister, Lacey. She will also be getting her own picture space.
I hope this cheat sheet helps everyone and I know that there are plenty of people I haven’t added, but hang in there I will…Yes, Joe, I know I need to add Alex and Andrew and Kyle and I will, don’t fret.
Love to all,

A day in the life of………

Hello. Just a note to let everyone know I’ve added several photo albums. Lots of new pictures, finally.
Nothing new going on here, same old, same old. I am working at the jewlery store again and I’ll include a link to that. Thankfully there are no pictures of me there.
I hope everyone has a wonderful summer and I’ll write more later.